Partnering with the Thrive Coaching Network

It is a privilege to welcome Jeff Allen and the Thrive Coaching Network as a strategic partner with the Transitional Leadership Network (TLN). This partnership brings important skills and tools to TLN as we serve leaders working with churches in transition. Specifically, Jeff's expertise can help equip transitional leaders shift church culture and build disciple-making momentum during a season of transition.

The Thrive Coaching Network catalyzes disciple-making leaders to be living examples of a multiplication mindset - a paradigm shift moving from addition to multiplication, from scarcity to abundance, and from being fed to bearing fruit. It is a paradigm shift from survive to thrive.

The Thrive Coaching Network provides the following services: 

  • Coaching - Journey with a guide on the side who provides practical tools & insights to equip you as a disciple and as a disciple-making leader
  • Consulting - Engage with discerning leaders who listen, assess, and...
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