What is transitional ministry?

Also called "intentional interim ministry"

Pastoral transitions are opportunities for congregational transformation. The time between pastors is a season of renewal and an opportunity to facilitate meaningful change in a church. The transitional pastor is a trained specialist who prepares the congregation to do their search from a posture of health. The eight goals of a transitional ministry are closure, preaching, congregational care, administration, relationship renewal, vision clarity, organization health, and the search process. 

Transitional Ministry Resource Kit

We created a free resource kit customized for you. Select one of the options below to receive videos, documents, and tools for transitional ministry.

Church Leader or Pastor

I am seeking resources to support my local church during pastoral transition.

Transitional Ministry Resource Kit (Church Leaders & Pastors)

Denominational Leader

I am seeking resources for transitional ministry at a denominational level.

Transitional Ministry Resource Kit (Denominational Leaders)

Curious Learner

I wish to explore if the role of a transitional pastor is next for me in my ministry.

Transitional Ministry Resource Kit (Future Transitional Pastors)

What is our focus?

The Transitional Leadership Network (TLN) exists to serve leaders working with churches in transition. That includes transitional pastors and leaders plus denominational leaders who give oversight and support to churches in transition. We provide training, coaching, and resources for transitional ministry. We also help raise awareness at the local church level to take time to be intentional during transition. 

Where did we come from?  

The TLN was birthed out of Outreach Canada in 2003 when a need was identified to do pastoral transitions differently. Since then, hundreds of people have taken our training and our framework has been used in hundreds of churches successfully. We desire to see the church strong and healthy with significant kingdom impact across generations. There is a growing number of churches who need specialized help with transition. 

What are our values?

Our values define who we want to be and guide us on the journey together.

Who is on the team?

Meet the people who are helping this network grow and develop.

Cam Taylor

Cam Taylor is the founder and team leader of the Transitional Leadership Network. He is ordained with the Free Methodist Church and a Professional Certified Coach. He is active as a leadership coach, facilitator, and author of Between Pastors and Detour. He works with churches and community non-profit organizations. He lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  

Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser serves on the team as a training facilitator. He is a seasoned transitional pastor who has worked with 19 churches over a span of 20 years. He is ordained with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and is trained as a coach with the Newfield Network and The Institute for Generative Leadership. He lives in Cochrane, Alberta.   

Garth Borthistle

Garth Borthistle helps facilitate our coaching triads and serves as a training facilitator. He has led large teams in the business world and served as a pastor. He is credentialed with the Baptist General Conference, is a Master of Leadership student, and is serving as a transitional leader. He lives in Surrey, British Columbia.

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