Lord Show Us What You See!

opportunity perspective Mar 26, 2020

I am struck today, during this unprecedented worldwide Covid-19 situation of what God sees.  What is He saying to us during this unique period of isolation?  How do we take full advantage of this opportunity?

I have been drawn to the women at the well (John 4:4-42) - read it from her isolation perspective.  She is isolated on three levels.  First, as a Samaritan, she is isolated culturally from the Jewish community. The isolation is quite bitter and downgrading towards the Samaritans.

Secondly, she is isolated (ostracized) socially from other people in her community.  This is a result of her lifestyle choices of being with too many men.  She is at the well in the middle of the day because she is not culturally allowed to be with others in the morning.  All alone.

Thirdly, we come to understand she feels isolated from worshipping God at the temple

Yet she encounters Jesus in a powerful way in her isolation.  Jesus uses some very bold dialogue...

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