Don't Get Your Hopes Up

There’s a time and place for leaders to speak the words: “Don’t get your hopes up!”

I’ve heard doctors say those words. After my motorcycle accident, I asked my surgeon if I’d be able to run again in a few months. He said in so many words, “Don’t get your hopes up!”

I couldn’t believe he was so negative!

You find yourself talking to a board about how long their transition will be and they tell you that 3-6 months should be enough time. You carefully say to them, “Don’t get your hopes up!”

What are we saying when we say “Don’t get your hopes up”?

We’re cautioning people to avoid unrealistic expectations. We’re waving the caution flag and suggesting that in order to have a bright future during transition, you need to go through the valley of uncertainty and emotion to get to the other side.

Leadership during transition is about helping manage expectations and guide congregations...

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