Transitional Leader Designation Program

The Transitional Leader (TL) Designation program equips and supports both transitional leaders and their sponsoring agencies. Transitional leaders receive training and support for ongoing development and ministry effectiveness. Denominational leaders and other sponsors receive support and resources to find, train and designate transitional leaders for the harvest field. 


 Provides training, coaching, and support for transitional leaders
 Creates a stronger talent pool for transitional ministry positions
 Legitimizes transitional ministry as a critical field of practice

• Structured support and professional development
 Clearer standards for transitional ministry work
 Improved employment opportunities

• Greater confidence in hiring transitional leaders
 Healthier and smoother pastoral transitions 

Process & Requirements



The denomination will maintain full authority over credentialing. They will be responsible for granting the actual designation to the transitional leader. If not outsourcing some support services to TLN, the denomination may also carry out their own application process and/or offer coaching for their designated transitional leaders. 


TLN will continue to provide training, resources, and support for transitional leaders and denominational leaders. TLN may assist denominations with processing designation applications, as well as providing coaching to transitional leaders. 

The Transitional Leader

The transitional leader will participate in the full application process. Once designated, they will attend coaching sessions to receive ongoing support and develop their competencies in transitional ministry. 


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Denominational Leader

Are you curious how to implement a transitional leader designation program in your denomination? We would be happy to learn about your current processes, show you the tools and resources we've developed, and assist you with next steps. Sign up below for a complimentary 30-minute video call with a TLN team member. 

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Transitional Leader

Are you an active transitional leader looking to get designated? We would be happy to learn about your current situation, further explain how the transitional leader designation process works, and direct you with next steps. Sign up below for a complimentary 30-minute video call with a TLN team member.

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