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We train and support coach-like servant leaders who work with congregations during pastoral transition to bring greater health and vitality.

Transitional Ministry Resource Kit

We created a free resource kit customized for you. Select one of the options below to receive videos, documents, and tools for transitional ministry.

Church Leader or Pastor

I am seeking resources to support my local church during pastoral transition. 

Transitional Ministry Resource Kit (Church Leaders & Pastors)

Denominational Leader

I am seeking resources for transitional ministry at a denominational level. 

Transitional Ministry Resource Kit (Denominational Leaders)

Curious Learner

I wish to explore if the role of a transitional pastor is next for me in my ministry. 

Transitional Ministry Resource Kit (Future Transitional Pastors)

Message from Cam Taylor

Welcome to the Transitional Leadership Network (TLN). Check out Cam's welcome message to learn more about this ministry and why we exist:


From interactive live events to online specialized courses, we provide just-in-time learning for front line transitional leaders. 


A coach approach is the ability to come alongside a leader or a congregation so that healthy growth and change can be realized. 


A transitional leader requires a variety of tools for situations they encounter. We provide those tools and teach you how to use them. 

Between Pastors 

Between Pastors is a road map for those looking for help and direction when working with a congregation in pastoral transition. It is designed for the uninformed reader as well as the experienced practitioner. Practical and informative, it includes stories, illustrations, metaphors, and graphs intended to help bring the principles and concepts to life. 

What People are Saying

“An ideal balance between strategic analysis and Spirit-led leadership.” - Gary Walsh

“Useful for both the layperson and the transitional pastor.” Gerry Teichrob


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Transitional Ministry Training

Are you looking for practical and interactive training opportunities to grow your leadership and expand your impact in transitional ministry or intentional interim ministry? 

Transitional pastoral ministry is such an important but often neglected area of ministry. I pray that many individuals take this training to help churches make great transitions.

-Marvin Penner, Superintendent, Evangelical Free Church of Canada

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We have created membership options for those of you who want to learn more about transitional ministry. Whether you are just curious or ready to commit, we have a place for you in the network.


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