Imprinting the DNA of Jesus on His Church through the Fivefold Gifts

November 22, 2023 and January 17, 2024
Facilitated by Garth Borthistle & Steve Coupland

To equip leaders more TLN is hosting two webinars on what APEST gifts are and how you can use them to help churches become aware, learn and grow into more maturity. Ask your self these questions to assess how the church you are currently serving reflects the fullness Christ.

How present are these functions?

Do people know how to plant the gospel in
places they are sent? (Apostle)

Do people know how to hear from God
and bring his heart to others? (Prophet)

Do people know how to tell culturally relevant
stories of Jesus, including their own? (Evangelist)

Do people know how to promote
healing and build community? (Shepherd)

Do people know ho to engage in scripture
and help others do the same? (Teacher)

Join Garth and Steve for a deeper dive into APEST and new ways to lead churches towards greater maturity.


Cost for the webinar series for non-members: $39
Free for members

You can still sign up for the second part (January 17) of this two-part webinar series, and we will send you the recording of the first part.

These events are free for basic members and denominational members to attend. Email us if you need the basic member and denominational member sign up link.

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About the Facilitators

Garth Borthistle

Garth is part of the TLN team and an active transitional pastor. He has had a long career in the business world as an executive and entrepreneur before feeling the call into transitional ministry. He is a certified leadership coach and a regular contributor to the TLN family.

Steve Coupland

Steve is part of the TLN team and an active transitional pastor. He is a jack of all trades with experience in churches of many shapes and sizes, the non-profit world, graphic design, and he is a hobby farmer in his spare time. He loves to interact with and teach helpful ecclesial models in practical ways.


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