Transitional Leader Roster

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Active Transitional Leaders

This roster is a list of transitional leaders that have received some training and hold an active basic membership with the network. Denominations and churches are welcome to contact any of the names on this list regarding job opportunities. However, TLN can not confirm that the transitional leader will be a proper match for your situation. To ensure a suitable candidate is selected, it is critical for the denomination and/or church to screen, interview, and vet transitional leaders during the hiring process. TLN is not responsible for the performance or conduct of the transitional leaders on this list.

Need help finding a transitional leader?

TLN offers fee-based consulting to help churches and denominations find transitional leaders. We are connected to a variety of transitional leaders, some of whom are not listed on the above roster. We are available to assess your needs and help you find a suitable candidate. Contact us if you require additional assistance.

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